Feed the children!!

Please help us to feed the children!!


Some of our supporters have expressed interest in making a contribution to the cost of feed & so we have made provision in our online shop to do just that! A 50kg sack of grain costs the equivalent of $35.00 AU & will provide enough porridge for around 200 children per day. We recognise that $35.00 may be more than some people are able to contribute, so we are set up for people to contribute $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 if they so wish. We will provide a running tally on our fb page, so everyone will know how many sacks we have purchased.

Abraham Maluk has made the necessary purchases. ie. cooking pots, utensils & some 50 kg sacks of highly nutritious grain to make porridge to feed up to 200 children per day. He is in the process of selecting 4 local ladies to cook, clean and provide some basic care for the children & 2 men to provide security.

Let’s see how many sacks of 50kg grain we can purchase to help us get the feeding station running well! Our wonderful supporter, Jambo Mtoto has made a commitment to fund the feeding station operations, which will have a temporary base in Bortown, until such time as we feel it is safe to build a permanent structure. Please consider donating a small amount, so that we can purchase many, many sacks of grain. Your contribution, however small is lifesaving! Head on over to our online shop to make your donation today.