Feeding Station & Sewing Project

It’s important to us that we build sustainability. A community without sustainability cannot best cater to the needs of the children. By empowering the adults, in particular the women, we build the community’s capacity to prosper.

Thanks to a kind donation from Natalie Macpherson, who founded Jambo Mtoto (click here) to support disadvantaged children of Africa, we have the money to establish a temporary feeding station in Bortown to cater for the needs of the orphan children from our village. In January this year, after news that the village had been attacked by rebels, BOCEP was able to send in 3 trucks to transport 315 women and children to relative safety.  Our information is that, at present, the children are living in the town just outside a United Nations compound. At the height of the conflict, the compound was filled to bursting and unable to accommodate them within. They have however provided a small amount of food daily. At the moment the children are not receiving any schooling. Of course the most important thing for now is to address their basic needs first, food and shelter. Natalie has pledged to raise ongoing funds to build a more permanent feeding station once the orphanage school has begun construction.

Another project to be undertaken is the establishment of a sewing program. With the donation of $2000 for this purpose from a local supporter, we will employ skilled seamstresses who will train the ladies so they have some skills in using the sewing machines in producing items that the ladies can sell to support themselves and their families. The machines will be purchased from Uganda and are the old style treadle machines.