BOCEP thank the following people and organisations – some for the support they have provided us, and some for the information and insight they offer.

Lost Boys of Australia Website

Uprooted from their homes and families in South Sudan, the Lost Boys were subjected to torture and danger as they were forced to leave their country of birth, and make the arduous journey to refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia; the Lost Boys of Sudan are a crucial part of understanding the plight of South Sudan and why the Bor Orphanage & Community Education Project is so important.

Kids’ Own Publishing

Kids’ Own Publishing have worked closely with BOCEP in the production of our first book – Donkeys Can’t Fly on Planes – a collection of real stories written and illustrated by children from the South Sudanese community, detailing their thoughts and feelings as South Sudanese refugee children living in Australia.

In 2014 K.O. and BOCEP released a second book, ‘In My Kingdom’, a collection of stories from the adults. These stories, written by the parents, are the stories they want their chidren to hear.

A third book containing the more sensitive stories of initiation, child birth and cultural practices, is set to be released early in 2015.

Traralgon City Church

We want to acknowledge the ongoing support we recieve from the Taralgon City Church. This wonderful selfless group of individuals have supported BOCEP from the very beginning and continue to assist in many ways. Thanks TCC!!

BOCEP is proud to be associated with TCC and thank them for their ongoing support.

Traralgon City Church Web Page

Jambo Mtoto

Jambo Mtoto supports BOCEP and other projects that are making a sustainable and long term difference in Africa and most importantly those projects that will restore the hope and dreams of children who are trapped in the tragic cycle of poverty.

Jambo Mtoto understand the immense work that goes into creating, developing and funding schools in the third world and  hope to help alleviate the stress for those who are dedicating their lives to helping those less fortunate in Africa.
BOCEP is proud to be associated with Jambo Mtoto and thank them for their ongoing support.

Jambo Mtoto Facebook page

Cabra Missions

BOCEP is proud to be associated with Cabra Missions and thank them for their ongoing support.

Cabra Missions Facebook

Cabra Missions Website


Spectrum Hosting

BOCEP thanks Spectrum Hosting for the support they have given in hosting our web page.