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  • CEO: Abraham Maluk

    Abraham Maluk, now a citizen of Australia, is a former child soldier and Lost Boy of Sudan. Abraham spent seventeen years in various refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya. With no opportunity to go to school, his first educational experience came about at age 21, in the refugee camps. On his arrival in Australia, Abraham attended English language classes. So appreciative was he to have the opportunity to learn, that he soon progressed enough to attend university. Six years on, Abraham Maluk is now a university graduate, with a degree in Social & Community Welfare & a Masters degree in International Relations.

    Abraham has spent time working with New Arrivals to Australia and is well known for his support of refugee families near and far. He is much sought after as a public speaker, delivering presentations on the refugee experience and his own personal story.

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  • Vice President: Abraham Malual

    Abraham Malual, an Australian citizen is also a former child soldier and Lost Boy of Sudan. Abraham Malual, in fact, shared almost all of his journey with his best buddy Abraham Maluk. He spent 16 years in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya, having his first school experience as a young adult. He recalls learning his ‘ABC’s’ alongside 5 and 6 year olds, writing with a stick in the hard dirt.

    Abraham Malual has a Diploma in Community Services and a degree in Community Welfare & Counselling. Abraham works part time as a Multicultural Education Aide in a primary school. Also an accomplished speaker, he regularly visits community groups and schools to share his story and works hard to support refugee families living in Australia.

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  • President: Sharon Sandy

    Sharon Sandy works as a Student Wellbeing Officer in an English Language Centre for New Arrivals. Sharon has completed specific training to support refugee children and families in their settlement and assimilation into life in Australia. Working extensively with the Sudanese community has given her an awareness of the level of support families are providing to loved ones back home. Together with the BOCEP team, she  travelled to South Sudan in 2013, to witness firsthand the conditions child victims of the decades long war are forced to live in.

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  • Secretary: Susan Sleswick

    Susan, is also a Student Wellbeing Officer, working in a Primary School setting, where approximately 15% of students are from refugee backgrounds. Susan’s knowledge of the particular needs of refugee families has been gained during her specific training and her time spent supporting these families. Her travels to South Sudan in 2013, where she was able to meet with the children, further reinforced her commitment to the cause.

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  • Treasurer: Susan O’Rourke

    Susan works as an EAL (English As An Additional Language) Language Support Officer in a Primary School setting. She supports refugee children and their families, both at school and within the community. She works alongside Multicultural Education Aides, to ensure best outcomes for students. Susan also travelled to South Sudan with the BOCEP team, where she met the children and visited the site of the proposed orphanage/school.