Welcome Back Abraham

Our Vice President Abraham Malual has returned home after several weeks in Sth Sudan, working with the Bor community.  Welcome home Malual!  We look forward to meeting up to discuss our next moves for the cause.  Already we are organising more talks in schools, drafting a new newsletter for our supporters, negotiating with our book publisher & making new connections.

Before our team’s visit to South Sudan, our CEO Abraham Maluk spent 6 months on the ground in Bor working with the community to build relations and setting up supports for the children of Bor.  We so appreciate his dedication and commitment to strengthening the community, so that they can better support those children without parents.

The community of around 50 adults & more than 200 children already has a much more positive vibe.  When Maluk first visited more than 1 year ago the orphans were much despised.  The impoverished community couldn’t cater to their needs & so they were stealing livestock & grains to survive.  He has spent several months working with the community, purchasing blackboards & chalk with his own money, rewarding community members in small ways for acts of goodwill, securing a volunteer teacher for afternoon classes, providing oats to make a daily meal of porridge for the children.

When our team arrived in Bor village, with both Abraham’s, the men expressed surprise & delight that EVERY SINGLE CHILD wore at least an item of clothing!!  Some of you may recall our earlier pics, where many orphans wore nothing at all.  Even if only for the purpose of our visit, the ladies had gathered all the clothing in the village to ensure the children looked nice to sing & welcome us!!  No small thing!!